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I would dearly love to find a recording of the verion of the MOTD theme used by Danny Baker to introduce and play out his Saturday and Wednesday World Cup shows from SA on BBC FiveLive. It has a calming jauntiness that the country needs right now after the dismal showing last night, but despite my best Googling I haven’t been able to track it down.

I’m not sure how to describe it. Sounds West Indian, but without being Calypso. Perhaps it’s African? If anyone can provide a link, I’d much appreciate it.

But back to Danny’s show, it is one of my favourites. He’s a sort polymath of jollity, but somehow he manages to feature the things that you thought you were alone in thinking.

The latest thing is those mind worms that enter your head when you hear a commentator mention a player’s name; that knee-jerk that means you just can’t help adding to it. Like Zidane (you’re rocking the boat) or Emerton (Lake and Palmer) and Zigic (played guitar).

For me it’s South Africa’s Siphiwe Tshabalala. Whenever he gets a mention, which is quite often. I can’t help launching into the chorus of Amarillo — “Tshabalala lalalala, Tshabalala lalalala, Tshabalala lalalala and Marie who waits for me.” I did email it to the show, but it didn’t get a mention so it clearly isn’t as obvious as I think it is.

Danny also wanted a limerick for each of the England players and the one they were struggling with was for Frank Lampard. There were a couple of contributions that were rubbish to be frank (geddit). Mrs P had the best offering, but I couldn’t persuade her to make the call. Unfortunately I can’t include it here because she’s gone out walking for the day — hopefully I can update the post when she gets back.

Meanwhile, in the absence of the MOTD theme I was hoping to find, I leave you with some laid back West Indian footie music from the Lord Kitchener Fitzroy Coleman Band pictured above.

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UPDATE — Mrs P’s limerick:

An alpha male player called Lampard,
The fans all thought he was dead hard,
But he cried like a baby
When he realised maybe
He was stuck in a footballing graveyard

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 20th June 2010

    Sorry mate I can’t help you but perhaps a therapist could do you some good! My prediction for the Slovenia game – England 3 Slovs 1. You heard it here first.


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