Vuvu Voluntary

The vuvuzela is now very much a must have instrument among the Yorkshire brass band fraternity, at least if my visit to Sheffield today is anything to go by.

We had been invited to my daughter’s for the day in honour of Father’s Day, that special date in the calendar when the patriarch is indulged. In my case this involved not having a lie-in or breakfast in bed, but an early trip to stock up at the shops followed by a pleasant drive in the sunshine across the Pennines.

Once there, I was treated to mowing the lawn and strimming and weeding, fixing the light in the shed,  tightening the screws in the garden bench so that it didn’t wobble so alarmingly and then cooking the barbeque. Mind you, I was given time off to watch some of the Italy vs New Zealand match, so I shouldn’t complain.

But I was talking about the devil’s horn that is the vuvuzela which could be heard trumpeting in the distance throughout the afternoon. Darling daughter said it had something to do with a fair being held nearby, but I still think it was the Tapton Youth Brass Band practising with their new instruments. In these austere times, we must all make sacrifices and the vuvuzela is an ideal substitute for the cornet.

I also have an apology to make on that score, for the bloody annoying advert for Gaviscon that repeatedly pops up on my home page at the moment because of my ‘Blow Your Horn‘ post. If it’s any consolation, it’s driving me nuts too.

If you can’t get enough of the white noise of the World Cup, tune into Vuvuzela.FM.

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