Blame Blatter

I  used to have quite strong views about the introduction of goal-line technology in footie, but after events today, I am having to reconsider.

That Lampard shot definitely crossed the line. I could see it clearly and I was sat 6,000 miles away from Bloemfontein. (5,957.435 miles to be exact) The players could see it, the crowd could see it. The only two people who couldn’t were the ref and linesman.

It was at such a crucial moment too. That would have made it 2-2 and who knows, we could have held on for an extra-time winner, or even overcome the Germans in a penalty shootout.

And that’s why I am now definitely, absolutely, 100% against goal-line technology because there would have been just the chance that we could have gone on to put in yet another excruciating, piss-poor performance against the Argies and be even more embarrassed than we are now.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 28th June 2010

    The momentum was with England when that goal was cruelly and stupidly overlooked. At 2-2 the dynamics of the game would have been different. Perhaps England’s tails would have been up and we wouldn’t have had to witness average German players slicing through the woeful English defence like hot knives through butter. Too many bloody southerners in the team. No guts! And an Italian manager whose English is at the level of a Tellytubby!

  • Polly 28th June 2010

    I have thought about that and I’m not so sure. The best spell of the game for England came after the goal was ruled out — the end of the first half and the start of the second. I suspect that if it had become 2-2, England would have sat back and been overrun. Simple fact is the Germans were stronger and faster than us and I’m not sure what any manager could have done about that.


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