Grass in a Box

My nephew is planning to replace someone’s lawn. Sorry, “replacing” is the wrong word as it suggests he has some remaining grass work with when what he is faced with is an overgrown garden stuffed with weeds or bare earth.

He was a bit put off by the cost of buying turf and wondered whether simply seeding it would work, albeit not quite the instant result he was looking for. By way of experiment, he sowed some seed in a plastic box he found in our garage and left it outside a couple of weeks ago to see what would happen.

The grass eventually sprouted, if somewhat thinly, and he used half of it to patch a bare patch on our own lawn. It was at this point that we wondered whether we might have come up with a new gardening product — Grass in a Box.

Actually, we toyed with a few different brand names — Lawn in Your Pocket; Swards R Us; Turf Lite and; Sod It.

There would be a designer range, of course. You would be able to choose from plain grass, or mixed with dandelions, clover or buttercups to match your existing lawn. Or we could seed it to your own specifications for that bespoke look, perhaps with Japanese knotweed for those with exotic tastes.

The main problem we could see was how to keep them watered if they are sitting on the shelf at Homebase. The answer would be to fit one of those water bottles that they use on hamster, rabbit and guinea pig cages.

This was a game we played in fun, but I really, really would like to take the idea into the Dragons’ Den to see if I could persuade them that at least I thought it was a goer. And to watch the looks on their faces.

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  • Jennyta 30th June 2010

    I think ‘Sod It’ would be a good name. 😉
    Btw, I have lost several comments which I have tried to upload to your blog – keep getting a message about it not being possible to upload it and try again later, but by then I’ve forgotten what I wrote originally!

  • Polly 30th June 2010

    Hi Jenny,
    Sod It was my favourite too, but then I thought of it.

    Thanks for letting me know about the comments. I’ll look at other options.


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