Blogger’s block affects us all at some time, but I’ve never gone as far as letting the web write it for me. At least that’s what RSS to Blog seems to offer, pulling content from the web to automatically update your blog without any of that tedious thinking stuff.

I had a look at the seven-day free trial to see what it might come up with for me, but the set-up wasn’t exactly easy to use and it didn’t suggest a single sentence I might use. All it did was mess up my WordPress settings that sent Polly into an infinite spin of a never to be completed script.

In any case, if your blogging brain is clogged up, help is always at hand in the shape of a Betterware catalogue or similar that is full of interestingly useless things to write about. Like the ear book light pictured.  It’s the sort of thing you’d only wear in the dark for fear of looking a complete prat.

Then there are the flytrap window stickers, sunflower-shaped transfers that are “infused with a scent that flies find irresistible”. As if bluebottles didn’t need enough encouragement to go bouncing and buzzing off the window pane.

And the bottle opener with solar powered torch. How useful is that? Okay, so I can imagine that your ear book light batteries might fail just at the point you fancy a bottle of beer, but I doubt if the bottle opener will help you find the crown cap as the torch will be shining up your sleeve.

I must confess to having a yen for the five blade security shredding scissors if only because it’s such a Heath Robinson contraption. A pair of scissors that has ten blades instead of two, although it would be hard work to shred everything with them to keep the identity thieves at bay.

The magic mist sprinkler, hide a key in a rock, never lose screws with your magnetic wristband, tea bag tongs and the portable patio, the list goes on. The message for bloggers is don’t throw those catalogues away — they are your friends.

And I haven’t even mentioned the before and after photos. I’ve scanned in the oddest below for the luggage scales. Before it was a really, really heavy suitcase, but after it becomes as light as a feather, and all because she invested in a Betterware gadget.

Nobody’s prefect. If you find any spelling mistakes or other errors in this post, please let me know by highlighting the text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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