After lobbying from various quarters, there has been a recount and this man with a hat made of eggs [click to enlarge] has been declared winner of the Best Dressed Fan Award [see previous post] though it isn’t clear which team he supports.

Photo via The Spoiler.

Feat of Engineering Award
I also overlooked one of the major awards. At each and every World Cup, mankind climbs higher up the ladder of progress, science and technology.

Several of the stadia are quite stunning and are to be commended, particularly the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban which has an arch like Wembley, although unlike Wembley it was finished on time. The view of the Indian Ocean is also more appealing.

However, the award goes to Adidas and the Jubulani ball which took Brit, Julian Wade, three years to design. [Three years to design a bloody football FFS!]

The Jubulani has been variously described as too round, too light, too unpredictable, too difficult to control etc. However, its crappiness appears to have been confirmed by the boffins at NASA.

The question then is what was all the years of development and high-tech equipment all about? And will this man still be in a job on Monday?

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