Don’t Drink the Water

Whenever drought threatens, we can always rely on United Utilities to see us through by deploying their ultimate weapon — the hosepipe ban announcement.

The emphasis here is on the word ‘announcement’, rather than ‘hosepipe’ or ‘ban’. Even after weeks of hot, dry weather, there’s nothing like it to bring those isobars and rain clouds swinging in from the Atlantic, as has happened since the UU hosepipe ban was announced last week. It has rained on and off ever since.

Not that this is going to solve the problem any time soon. Our garden water butt may be full, but the reservoirs are scarily low. Mrs P is the regular walker in the family and walks round quite a few, but she reports that you could actually walk through them at the moment.

Holidays in the Lakes could soon be taken in the Puddle District because of the drought with UU looking to take water from places like Windermere to address the problem. Not much consolation as you sit in your tent with the raindrops are thrumming on the canvas and one option to distract the kids — the lake cruise — is denied you if the boats are high and dry.

The real problem is that, like me, people don’t take the drought seriously enough. We spend so much of the year wondering when the rain ever going to stop that we take water for granted. So isn’t it just “Typical!” that we’re forbidden to water our gardens when the weather turns balmy?

I was appalled, but not surprised by the reaction to the announcement of the ban. Here are a few from the story on the MEN website:

Never heard anything like it!!! we have had non stop rain for the last 2 summers,plus our fair share in winter.What a joke of a Country we live in!!!!!

I pay £5.90 a week for water.flat rate..unlimited use. I hope now that I am being restricted my bill will come down for the duration of the ban? why should i pay for unlimited water when i cant use as much as i want?

Well 5 minutes twice a week is sufficient for my needs – but this is now illegal.

The last correspondent may have been responding to the wrong story on the wrong forum, but you get the drift. If we all end up queueing with our buckets at the standpipes, it won’t be their fault because they pay their rates.

But if they think they have it rough, they should spare a thought for the citizens of Vienna where the wearing of Bermuda shorts in public swimming pools have been targeted because they carry out 2.5 litres of water trapped  in the material every time they climb out.

Not to mention those who can’t keep their mouths shut when swimming who between them swallow 5,000 litres of water and £20 of chlorine every day. [See Telegraph]

A little honesty is needed here. If other swimmers would own up when they do something unsavoury in the pool, they would soon stop drinking the water.

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