Trouble on Oiled Waters

I am incredibly grateful to the Greenpeace protestors who closed petrol stations across London today to urge the chairman to drop “his predecessor’s obsession with high-risk, environmentally reckless sources of oil”.

Until they drew my attention to it, I had absolutely no idea that BP had caused such massive environmental damage through a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

And typical of big business, BP just tried to buy off the problem with a measly £32 billion to hush the whole thing up.

I mean, there must have been a media cover-up because it wasn’t reported here that Mr Obama has been quite critical of BP. He must have also fessed up to the problems caused by American companies, but I missed that as well.

I know the president is quite shy and reserved, but he really doesn’t get the publicity he deserves — he must have a rubbish press office.

So thank you Greenpeace, without you, I would never have known. And also for making those drivers fill up their cars at rival filling stations that operate entirely ethical and altruistic oil exploration policies and who would never dream of buying oil from BP. Probably.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 27th July 2010

    I may be quite wrong but I suspect there’s not a little tongue-in-cheek irony in this post. I wish I was Tony Hayward – getting my life back and yachting with my son – smirking like the cat that got the cream and checking that my pension pot is overflowing with oily lucre. I would join Greenpeace if they would only change their name to Greenwar.

  • Polly 27th July 2010

    Of course I understand irony — I starch my own shirts and everything. I was going to mention Tony Hayward who has been pretty useless throughout when it comes to PR. His pension is another matter and something he would have got sooner or later in any event. Whether he’s worth it or not is down to the shareholders which I’m not.

    The shenanegans this morning were designed to promote Greenpeace and not the evil oil industry. I’d have more time for them if they came up with a viable alternative to petrol power that doesn’t involve sandpie windmills, elastic bands or reverting to the horse and cart.


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