C is for Cos

Which is a bit of a cheat as it is generally spelt with a K not a C. But the Greek island of Kos can be spelt Cos, as in Cos Lettuce, and it gives me an excuse to showcase a Cincopa collection of ‘C is for’ photos taken there or thereabouts.

Click any image for the slideshow and the captions.

[cincopa 10682406]

ABC Wednesday Round 7

C is for Culture by Reader Wil

C is for Clouds from A Raft of Apples

C is for Circle from Amy’s Miscellany

Collectors Coins from Kero’s Celebration

Colorful Paper Swan from Travel: In and Out of Taiwan

Cadet Chapel from Photo Phase

I was really please to be awarded the Beautiful Blog award for my B is for Bee which I proudly display on my sidebar.

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  • Joy 4th August 2010

    My friend’s parents fly back from Kos today, they told her it was 50 degrees there at the moment. Beautiful pictures, enjoyed the slide show. Greece is one of my favourite destinations.
    BTW thanks for the Raft name check,but think you might have meant the circles of Amy’s Miscellany, my head was in the clouds:-)

  • Helen McCauslin 4th August 2010

    All the crags and curves of Cos in a splendid slide show — great work SP!
    Now I am craving a trip to Cos.
    Thanks for a superb contribution to the C world.
    ABC Team

  • Polly 4th August 2010

    Joy: Sorry about that — the link is fixed. I try to visit as many ABCW posts as I can and link back, but sometimes I do it in a rush…

    Joy and Helen: I too wish I was in Kos, or Thasos for preference, but having piad for our daughter to go to South Africa and our son to Turkey, me and Mrs P are stuck in the rainy UK.

  • Yorkshire Pudding 5th August 2010

    I can’t figure out exactly when you went to Kos but regarding the photos my favourite was the simple “Cupboard” picture. Very Mediterranean. Mrs P looks lovely. Perhaps you could send her over to Sheffield on a train and I’ll give her what most women need – a good long…shopping expedition!

  • Polly 5th August 2010

    It would have been 1992 I think in the days when photos were on film and I took the trouble to put them in albums, rather than lose them on my computer. “The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there,” was never truer.

    As for Mrs P, she hasn’t changed too much and still doesn’t wear hats, but she certainly needs no encouragement to go shopping, thank you very much!

  • Jay from The Depp Effect 5th August 2010

    I rather like Cos lettuce – and in fact it’s the only lettuce my son’s rabbit can eat, which doesn’t upset his stomach!

    The place Kos (or Cos), looks very beautiful!

  • Polly 5th August 2010

    Fussy eaters those rabbits. Mind you, at least they will eat lettuce which is more than my son will.

  • LisaF 5th August 2010

    Cos/Kos looks like a very interesting place to visit. I also love the cupboard shot. It’s full of character…unlike the cheerless cleric! Thanks for the quick trip to the Greek Isle!


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