Extreme Behaviour

There was an article in the Sunday Times about the increasing reluctance of insurance companies to provide cover for people enjoying extreme sports.

I haven’t provided a link because you have to pay to subscribe these days.

The gist of it was that more and more people are looking for thrills in more and more ingenious ways. These include:

  • Helisurfing [surfers are towed into 60 foot waves]irkicking [people shot 25 feet
  • Airkicking [people shot 25 feet in the air by a jet of water]mphibious paintballing [like normal paintballing, but on speedboats] and powerbocking [jumping about on spring-loaded stilts].
  • Amphibious paintballing [like normal paintballing, but on speedboats] and;
  • Powerbocking [jumping about on spring-loaded stilts].

But it was one Dean “Deano” Dunbar, 41, of Blairgowrie in Perthshire, that caught my jaundiced eye. He has clocked up 56 of these sports despite being described as “a registered blind daredevil”. It made us wonder if he was registered as being blind, a daredevil, or a combination of the two.

I wish him luck with his latest daredevil exploit — extreme office chairing. Presumably risking the laser glare of the equality and diversity manager by taking a meeting and referring to himself as “chairman”.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 9th August 2010

    I’m also into extreme “sports”. Occasionally I go up into our attic using the loft ladder and most days I use the pelican crossing on Ecclesall Road. I also drive my car – avoiding being rammed by drivers using mobile phone or texting. Lord knows how I have survived thus far.

  • Polly 9th August 2010

    I prefer the sport of extreme ironing. This has come to mean hoiking an ironing board up a mountain or somesuch, but the original version is far more dangerous. It entails a promise to do the ironing and then failing to do so by the time Mrs P gets home.


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