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The reason I’ve been very quiet lately is because I’ve been up to my eyes with my new work website. I use Artisteer to create the basis for the theme and the first version of their WordPress 3.0 upgrade was released on Friday. It’s very good, but the file structure is very different to the previous version so I had to re-learn.

And if I mention the wrestling with dynamic widgets and headers, it sounds quite pervy which it probably is in a nerdy kind of way, but I wouldn’t describe it as fun. Nor accessibility and database back-up plugins, getting embedded files to centre, tweaking css files and the umpteen other things you have to do to make the website such an easy communication medium to use. Not.

But I have found a little time for amusement and for the lack of anything interesting to say, I thought I’d share the Daily Mail Song by Dan and Dan.


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  • Yorkshire Pudding 9th August 2010

    Are they twins or is it the same guy? Their level of distaste for “The Daily Mail” must be very large – to go to the trouble of producing all those mock-up front pages. Very good. I enjoyed it.


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