Chunky Monkey

I don’t receive many presents (awww) but when I do, they’re memorable, Sometimes quite literally. Yesterday I was given a small box of sweets that whisked me back to my childhood.

They’re the pineapple chunks that I’ve posed in a jar on the left. Fifty years ago they were a treat from Mrs Taylor’s toffee shop at 3d a quarter when I got my weekly ‘spends’. {That’s three old pence for four ounces.}

I loved them and would scoff one after another even though I knew that sucking their hard, sugar-coated roughness would leave the roof of my mouth raw. I also suspect they were responsible for many of my childhood visits to the dentist. Worth every filling.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 20th August 2010

    Ah yes! Pineapple chunks – I remember them well though I was more a fan of liquorice torpedoes – the slightly larger sort. I hope I get some of them for my birthday.


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