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I’m taking a terrible risk with copyright here by scanning this image from the Sunday Times Style magazine. I wouldn’t need to if they didn’t now charge to view online and could have just linked to it. So I may be sued from hell to Huddersfield, but this has to be seen and said.

It’s the regular What are you wearing? that features on the inside back cover alongside Mrs Mills. Until now, I’ve just taken passing interest, enough to make me think they must have missed an exclamation mark off the end of the title, and I’ve only just started to actually read the thing. It’s hilarious.

I’d assumed it was the fashion equivalent of Britain’s Got Talent — approach someone on the street, in the care in the community programme for preference, convince them they’ve got a special talent for taste and then parade them on page 58 to give us all a laugh. But no, these people actually volunteer by emailing whatareyouwearing@.

What a hoot. Joshua Kane, 25, from Oxford is a big fan of Beau Brummel. Seriously. Also the Edwardian dandies who said it was okay for a man to dress up and be playful with clothes. Wearing matching colours is too safe apparently and he’s happier mixing mustard with red.

I break the rules ironically, but there are some lines I never cross.  I would never wear a dress jacket in the daytime, but I would play with proportion by cutting jackets much shorter.

And instead of a straight, neatly folded handkerchief, I screw it up and throw it in my top pocket so it looks more casual. I think Fred Astaire used to do that.

Mrs P tells me that it is okay for men to express themselves through dress these days. I shall test her tolerance on this point the next time we go shopping by trying on a pair of trousers with the legs four inches too short to show off my ‘ironic’ odd socks.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 27th August 2010

    “Mrs P tells me that it is okay for men to express themselves through dress these days”… I didn’t realise they were designing dresses with useful slits at the front. Most considerate.


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