Postcard from South Africa

Thanks to mobile phones, Facebook and other ways to keep in touch, it seems odd to get a postcard, but one arrived yesterday from Miss P in Cape Town.

She says it pretty much sums up her South African experience — everyone seems to be laughing and smiling all the time. I suppose they can be happy with their climate.

She also mentions seeing two whales which was nice, except that when she elaborated on the phone, her vantage point was in the ocean in the middle of a surfing lesson.

And there have been quite a few phone calls to fuel our envy at life in the southern hemisphere. Even now, the two second gap between speaking a response seems odd, but then she is six thousand miles away.

The latest was ask for our help in rearranging her return flight which she wants to put back by a few days. The reason is that she is taking time out to do some travelling ending up in Durban and the plan was for her to fly from there, but BA weren’t very accommodating. Now she has to travel back to Cape Town, giving BA an opportunity to whack on another £120 on the cost of the flight. World’s favourite airline eh?

Still she will be home by the end of the month and it will be good to have her back, although I suspect she may just have been bitten by the African bug.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 1st September 2010

    What bug are you talking about? Hopefully not the tse-tse fly!


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