G is for Gee Cross

Gee Cross was where me and Mrs P first set up home, where our kids enjoyed their early years and where little Miss P first went to school. It is a ‘village’ in north east Cheshire that has been around since Doomsday, but was subsumed into the township of Hyde.

This week a few G photographs from Gee Cross:


This is one of the pair of gates to Hyde Cemetery in Gee Cross, the numbers commemorating 1894,  the year is was established. Mrs P’s great-grandfather was the first registrar and lived at the cemetery gatehouse for many years. It was also the place where Harold Shipman’s crimes began to be uncovered, quite literally, as the police worked by floodlights to exhume the bodies of his victims.

Next a gravestone at Holy Trinity Church. It belongs to Mrs P’s great-grandfather, mentioned above. The device on the cross shows that he was a Freemason and he was Master of the Fortitude Lodge in 1915.

The Grapes Hotel and Bowling Club is one of several pubs in the village, although not my favourite. It re-opened in 2008 after refurbishment and now features a full service restaurant.

This is the cobbled road that leads into Gower Hey Wood from Napier Street where we lived. It is one of several green areas in the village and some of the trees here are 150 years old or more.

Finally, the railings that surround Sam Redfern Green. It was originally the site of the Queen Adelaide Reservoir and reclaimed by local parents as a play area. It was funded by various grants and money raised by the Rotary Club, including a bequest from the late Samuel Redfern.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 1st September 2010

    Wow! Gee Cross! I’m impressed. One notable resident was Mick Coleman (composer and songwriter) of Brian & Michael – The Matchstalk Men. Does he still live there? Does Ricky Hatton still live there and is Ron Hill still alive?

  • Polly 2nd September 2010

    Well I’m impressed that you know Gee Cross! I don’t know about Mick Coleman, but as far as I know Ron Hill is alive and well. I think he may have sold his sports shop though. As for Ricky Hatton, there is another photo planned for next week that will answer your question.


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