ECDL Desirable, Not Essential

Further to my post about Tony Blair yesterday, I haven’t been able to read any of his memoirs as yet because a) I haven’t bought it and b) I’m busy working my way through Decline and Fall.

Published at the same time, Chris Mullin’s diaries might not be the absolute inside track, but is probably more entertaining.

But I did pick up that Blair wrote his memoirs in longhand as he admitted to Richard Bacon on FiveLive. He said it was because his IT skills were underdeveloped and that he somehow thought differently with a pen in hand than at a keyboard.

TB has been trying to get to grips with personal IT for ten years and more and it reminded me of a story in Chris Mullen’s, A View from the Foothills, that Blair told about himself when he repeatedly failed the tests on a computer training course in 1999.

He noticed that the young man at the neighbouring terminal was getting extremely agitated.

‘Am I making you nervous?’ he asked.

‘No,’ the lad replied.

‘What’s the matter then?’

‘It’s because you keep failing these tests and I keep passing — and I’ve been unemployed for 18 months and you’re the Prime Minister.’

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