Chippie on his Shoulder

I don’t have a lot of time for Bernie Ecclestone as a rule. I like to think it’s because he is rich and brash, a bully and a midget who looks silly alongside girlfriends who are a foot taller and fifty years younger than him. But I suspect that it’s jealousy pure and simple.

I had to laugh though at the latest example of Ecclestone churlishness. He paid £1.7 million for the Swag and Tails pub in Knightsbridge that used to be his local and gave it to his daughter, Tamara, who had planned to expand it.

But planning permission was kaiboshed by the posh residents who objected to having a ‘destination pub’ on their doorstep.

Bernie has retaliated by submitting plans to turn it into a fish and chip shop instead and has installed a brash neon sign in the window to wind up the neighbours even more.

Malcolm Atkins, 57, a corporate investor who lives opposite the pub and has met Ecclestone once, said: ‘This is just a further example of him riding roughshod over the neighbours.

‘Unfortunately a garish neon sign has now been erected advertising Fish & Chips, albeit the building is gutted and unable to be occupied let alone traded from without planning consent.

‘Indeed the sign itself requires planning consent, which would not be forthcoming in a conservation area.

‘There can be absolutely no justification in erecting this sign other than to irritate residents and put pressure on the local authority and if so it demonstrates a churlish and childish attitude.’

I think it would be really handy have a chippie on your doorstep. No more having to think about what to have for your tea after a hard day toiling away at the corporate investment coalface.

Read the story here.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 7th September 2010

    Who the hell cares what happens south of Chesterfield? As far as I am concerned they are all southern barbarians.


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