Green-eyed Monster

Our daughter has finished her teaching stint in Cape Town and has been joined by a good friend for a tour of South Africa. So far, she has been on safari, getting close to a baby giraffe and a pride of lions (not at the same time) and dined on ostrich kebabs and wildebeest steaks.

She has bungee jumped  at Bloukrans Bridge, the third high commercial jump worldwide, photos and video to follow and been on an ocean safari, riding the waves whale-watching.

Back at the Cape, she is staying at a swanky hotel tonight, a treat for her friend’s birthday. It’s the one that Princes Wills and Harry stayed at during the World Cup to find that they had been upgraded. Their luxury suite has its own lounge with plasma tv, a bathroom with gold-plated trimmings and private west facing balcony overlooking the sea and sunset and with its own pool.

Back in blighty, we have the same garden-facing windows overlooking a the rain and a cloud-laden sky and have dined on a Morrison’s family chicken korma. Where did we go wrong?

And to top it all, the luxury suite above has cost my daughter the princely sum of £60 for the night which wouldn’t pay for the worst of Best Western weekends over here.

I think you can probably tell that we’re in need of a holiday.

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