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Dukinfield Old Hall Chapel - North ViewToday was the last of the Open Heritage Days and, as I did last year, I joined the walk to Dukinfield Old Hall Chapel which is inaccessible at any other time of the year because it sits in the middle of Bardsley Construction’s secure business premises.

My plan was to get some more photos that could be ‘stitched’ together to paint a broader canvas. Above is my first attempt which just about works. There is another angle I’m working on that isn’t nearly as successful so far. As Eric Morecambe didn’t say, you can see the join.

It was doubly enjoyable this year because my 84-year-old dad came with me. He grew up in that area and so was able to add some colour to proceedings. In fact, at times he was in danger of taking over as the guide.

I hope to write more tomorrow, but it is getting late and there is more to do on the photos.

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  • Trevor Rowley 11th December 2011

    I’ve attended a few of these Heritage Open Days in the last three or four years including the afore-mentioned, Dukinfield Old Hall Chapel. I seem to recall we got there by trundling along the canal towpath from Ashton to Globe Square in the former prosperous hamlet of “Ducky ‘all” (what’s left of it at least). This is a (protected?) relic which really has been ravaged by time, generations of weather and also mis-management by a succession of council activity (or lack of it). We listened to a lengthy, meandering dialogue from a well-rehearsed guide who invited us to ask questions. I waited for someone to ask my question but nobody did so I realised I would have to get on with it and risk the consequences. My question was, “Given that the modern day congregation of this former chapel are now occupying a “prefab” type building which had previously been used as a council-run nursery, wouldn’t it make more sense to dismantle the old chapel, stone by stone (recorded by experts) and rebuild it (by experts) at the current location of the Old Hall Congregational Church (the former day nursery)?” Believing that I would then be attacked by the four or five members of the modern congregation who were taking part in the walk, I was surprised when they all agreed with me. Why are we still waiting for this to happen, so many years down the line? Dukinfield has very little history to show off that isn’t decrepit yet this golden opportunity seems to be as neglected as the town itself.

  • Mr Parrot 12th December 2011

    Although many buildings have protected status, this doesn’t always mean they are cared for. The Old Hall Chapel is owned by Bardsley’s as it is on their land, but they are not obliged to do any more than make sure that people aren’t at risk anywhere near it.

    Plans to preserve the chapel as a ‘controlled ruin’ were drawn up as long ago as 2008 which I wrote about here but someone has to find the money.

    I suspect that the bill would be even more if the remains of the building were to be moved, although I doubt if this idea would be a starter if it meant transporting it from its original position.


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