I is for Island

Which is something of a challenge because I live in Stockport which is quite a way from the sea, so I am having to be a little creative with my images.

This is a Google Earth image of the uninhabited Stockport Islands, part of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago in the territory of Nunavut. They were discovered by Admiral Sir George Back who named it after Stockport, the place of his birth.

Back was educated at Stockport Grammar School and joined the navy aged 13. He served during the Napoleonic Wars, spending five years in a French prison.

An entry in his diary in 1821 hints at the hardships endured on his North American expedition: ‘We are compelled to satisfy, or rather allay, the cravings of hunger by eating a gun cover and a pair of old shoes.’

Next a satellite view of Denton Island where the M67 meets the M60 orbital motorway and the A67 Hyde Road into Manchester. I got to know it well on my way to and from work in the city and it regularly gets a mention on the traffic reports because it does get very busy. Not to mention the lorry drivers who can’t gauge what is the right speed and keel over, shedding their loads.

This is a scene from Tameside Island in Second Life. The local council decided to ‘rent’ and equip the island at a cost of £36,000 to create a computerised town hall featuring links to its website on issues like fly-tipping and bin collection.

Bosses were told it would help them engage with ‘hard-to-reach groups’, like those with mobility problems, youngsters and people with ‘issues surrounding self-esteem’.

Unfortunately, Second Life was eclipsed by more straightforward social networking sites, like Facebook,  and the Tameside scheme was scrapped this year. Needless to say, the council got a panning from the Daily Mail.

But finally a photo of an island of my own. This is in the middle of Stamford Park boating lake which is on the border of Lancashire and Cheshire. A crowd of sixty to eighty thousand people thronged to the park when it was opened on 12 July 1873. The boating lake was a later addition with the island to keep rowers on a circular, anti-clockwise track.

ABC Wednesday Round 7

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I is for Information by a Yankee in Belgrade

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  • rog 15th September 2010

    Thanks for the mention!

    Sometimes, we all might want an island of our own…

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team


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