…and cancel Christmas!

I got quite shock in the paper shop this morning. I was wondering which sort of boiled sweets I fancied when I clocked the headline on the front of the Daily Mail: “Pope’s Battle to Save Christmas”

My immediate reaction was a resigned shrug. It was only a matter of time before the ConDems decided that this was something else that the country couldn’t afford, along with the free hospital parking for the sick, new schools for the kids, meals on wheels for the elderly and other frivolous public spending.

I could quite picture Dave Cameron in the Alan Rickman Sheriff of Nottingham role, although I suppose he’s more of a perverted Robin Hood, talking little old ladies out of their pensions so he can give their pennies to those nice banker friends of his for safe-keeping.

But I digress. It wasn’t the ConDems that the Pope was worried about, but us atheists. He seems to think that we want to do away with Christmas. How wrong could he be?

Christmas is the most sacred celebration in the secular calendar, a time of conspicuous consumption and over indulgence. There’d be a revolution if anyone tried cancelling it.

The last thing we need is people like the Pope trying to spoil things by dragging religion into it.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 19th September 2010

    How dare that Nazi stormtrooper try to claim Christmas for Christianity. It was, is and shall be an essentially pagan midwinter festival – a time when people give thanks for life, their families and communities. We don’t need that bullshit story of a baby in a manger etc. piggybacking on our festival.

  • Trevor Rowley 17th February 2012

    God’s message clearly doesn’t reach all people. Then again, perhaps it does but they’re just too busy “doing their own thing” to stop and think about what might actually be going on. In the meantime, in the words of the Bible,”Many are called but few are chosen”. Listen to an atheist and ask yourself exactly what is his message – I think you’ll have a long wait.


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