Have you noticed that thing about politicians? I mean their absolute, nailed on rightness. Not right as in not left or centrist, but their sincere certainty that their ideas are the right ones.

I use the word ‘sincere’ with some trepidation because faking that is top of the list of desirable qualifications for an aspiring politico. At the very least they must have an unquestioning belief in what they are saying and it usually helps if they have only a passing acquaintance with whatever subject they are talking about.

“Communicate with conviction” must be the mantra they mutter to themselves as they get up to speak, especially if there are hard choices to be made. Politicians love hard choices. They are the modern substitute for statesmanship and make them feel good about themselves. Of course, none of the hard choices ever seem to affect our honourable members directly.

You can probably guess that I’m feeling jaundiced about the whole political process at the moment, summed up by this from the latest Linwood Barclay novel:

Yeah, well, that’s the thing about politics. When one dick-head leaves the scene, half a dozen others rush in to fill the vacancy.

UPDATE: Bloody hell! I found the reason why politicians are so sure of themselves and why it makes me so depressed. See BBC Science.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 21st September 2010

    Seeing the odious Clegg on TV today seemed to chime with this post but it’s not “rightness” it’s egotistical arrogance we see before us. One day that prick will be Lord Clegg of Nowhere, pontificating wealthily till the end of his days, never smelling the coffee.

  • Jay from The Depp Effect 21st September 2010

    Well, you can count me among those people who think too much and tend to get depressed! But I think the reason politicians seem so sure of themselves is that nobody is going to vote them into office (or keep them there) if they don’t seem to know what they’re doing, so what they have to learn to do is, basically, lie. Which also explains why nobody trusts them.


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