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Having not had a holiday this year, we’ve been pondering whether we might get a week away in the next month or two and Mrs P has suggested New York.

This might have been a good idea a few years ago when the pound was strong and air fares were cheap, but that isn’t the case now. However, it seems that Captain America may have come to the rescue of my wallet and brought New York to us.

Part of the Northern Quarter of Manchester has been transformed into 1940s New York for the filming of the latest superhero blockbuster starring Chris Evans (not him, the other one) starting in the next few days. This is the first time that Marvel Productions has filmed outside the US.

Shop fronts have been transformed and vintage American cars have been brought in for a chase scene. Progress on set set has recorded on a WordPress blog and you can also watch on YouTube.

So the Northern Quarter it is then. All I have to do is convince Mrs P that the Stagecoach 201 bus from Hyde to Manchester is really a Virgin Atlantic 747 from MIA to JFK. And work out a way to recreate jet lag. Lots of coffee and a whack on the back of the head?

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