Happy Christmas

I can’t believe it is the last week in September and I haven’t yet wished you my season’s greetings. I am such a Scrooge and it’s all the fault of the supermarkets. They just can’t get their commercial acts together.

Take our local Morrisons for example. It has just one measly aisle devoted to gift ideas and a stand near the checkouts promoting Cadbury’s selection boxes for £1.99 each, or three for a fiver, and that isn’t nearly enough.

Where is our favourite Christmas carol muzak? Noddy Holder, Cliff Richard and him from the Pogues?

Admittedly, they have a comprehensive selection of Christmas cards, something for everyone from your mum down to “Happy Christmas Mr Ratcatcher”, but that is a year round display and hardly requires any great effort on their part.

So here we are, the great day almost upon us, and they’ve only just begun to stock the seasonal cheese savouries and festively shaped pretzels featured above. It really is too bad.

The season is all too brief when you consider the joy it brings, particularly for children. Four months just isn’t long enough. It is up to the High Street to put religious sentiment behind them and get behind this most secular and commercial time of the year so that we can really make the most of it.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 26th September 2010

    In my local supermarket the tat is out for Xmas 2011. Xmas 2010 stock was sold out months ago. It’s always good to be prepared and with not a thought for profit or personal gain, our local supermarkets are always willing to help us plan ahead.

  • Polly 26th September 2010

    You’ve given me an idea. Why don’t the choc manufacturers come up with something we could use to help us countdown to Christmas. A little numbered window to open and a chocolate treat every day. For 365 days.


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