Wet in Wales

I was rather concerned about the fate of the Ryder Cup golfers yesterday. All that rain and the Americans in waterproofs that weren’t. They regularly come off if there is any signs of lightning, but there were previously unknown risks at Celtic Manor 24 hours ago.

09:35 and we’re wondering whether the weather will relent when Maureen Madill on FiveLive says: “I can see signs of radioactivity on the greens.”

Golf isn’t my game, neither playing or armchair watching, but I do enjoy the Ryder Cup. It isn’t a jingoistic thing of Europe versus America,l but I think because it is a team event, rather than the usual individual sport.

The question is, do I switch off the computer and sit back and enjoy. Or will the recently arrived Civilization V win out?

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 4th October 2010

    Which idiot decided the Ryder Cup would be staged in Wales in early October? Probably the same idiot who designed the US team’s wet weather gear!


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