Inner Child

The thing about growing older is that you don’t necessarily grow up. I suspect that there is a moment in your life when you hit your peak sensible responsibility. Sadly I must have been asleep and missed it.

We all have an inner child, of course. That wheedling voice inside that says: “Dad, can I have..” The problem is that you are both Dad and child, it is all too easy to give in.

So it was with the Halloween Lenticular Photo Frames featured left. I’d gone into Asda for something far more sensible, which I promptly forgot,  and came out with three of these investment artworks for a fiver.

Above is my favourite — the handsome young buck who turns into a hideous ghoul as you change your viewing angle — but there is also a skeletal version of Grant Wood’s American Gothic and a demonic Mona Lisa.

Just the thing to hang in the hallway. Especially with their tasteful, extruded plastic frames.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 9th October 2010

    Well I am sure that Madam Parrot will have been so delighted that she must have fallen off her perch!

  • Bob Brague 9th October 2010

    My inner child has put together a post for my blog that includes a link to your post that showed your daughter bungee-jumping in South Africa. It is scheduled to be added on Monday (Oct. 12th). If you’d prefer that I not link to your blog in my post, let me know via e-mail before then and I will remove the link.

    But I really hope you have no objections.

  • Polly 9th October 2010

    YP: I rather think I’ll be the one falling off the perch with many more stunts like that.

  • Polly 9th October 2010

    Bob: No problem with the link to my daughter’s death defying leap. I look forward to reading it.


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