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I was browsing our local Methodist Church Thrift Shop for an addition to my wardrobe without much success (right size, right colour, wrong price) when I came across a batch of old postcards bought on someone’s grand tour of mittel Europe.

I felt I had to buy and publish them for three reasons:

One, they were cheap; two, it seemed a shame that such lovely photos should be discarded with the rest of the house-clearance and; three, they were bought exactly 100 years ago, give or take a month.

As usual, you can click on them for a larger image. The first above is dated 27th-30th August 1910 in pencil on the reverse and shows one of my favourite saints, San Sebastian, martyred twice on the orders of  Diocletian. He does look unconcerned by all those arrows.

The printer was based in Lugano on the Italian end of Switzerland so I’m assuming that is where they were on those dates.

The second follows on chronologically and is titled Tramonto del sole which I thought might be a place, but mundanely translates as sunset.

Going from the dates on the other postcards, it is most likely to be Lago Maggiore in northern Italy.

The photographer has caught the reflections on the water quite beautifully.

Finally, back in Switzerland on 9th-13th September, an alpine scene, a farmer in his field, a lake in the distance and sunbeams bursting through the clouds.

Clearly postcards were the easiest way to recall your holiday a century ago and why not when the manufacturers can produce such wonderful images. And all without Photoshop too.

I just hope that whoever bought the postcards had a wonderful time and enjoyed the scenery as it is portrayed. Except in colour, of course.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 16th October 2010

    How lovely! To have such precious fragments of a life that’s gone. I guess that making that sort of trip in a time of innocence before the world wars was more exceptional than a modern day trip to Australia – or even to go bungee jumping in South Africa!
    PS If you need some second-hand clothes, I have some that I can spare. Don’t be too proud to ask.


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