While I’m easily distracted by the computer, it usually isn’t by games, if you exclude the online variety, like 8 Ball Quick Fire Pool.

This is probably as well since most of them are reserved for game stations, rather than the PC and the few times I’ve tried the X-Box or whatever, I found out that you need the dexterity of a pianist and the reactions of an F1 driver, neither of which I possess.

But there have been a few PC games that have grabbed me over the years. Diablo, Titan Quest and Hellgate to name three. All have come and gone, but one game has stood the test of time which is ironic because the whole point of Civilization is to stand the test of time.

I’ve played the game since Civilization I in the early 1990s. Of course, it didn’t actually have an I at the time because it wasn’t yet Sid Meier’s most successful game. I took delivery of Civilization V and it has occupied quite a few hours of my time ever since.

The principles of the game has remained the same throughout all five incarnations — to guide your chosen civilization from the pre-history of 4,000 BC until 2050 and preeminence over all others.What has changed over time are the impact of new technologies and military tactics.

There are several ways to ‘win’ — be the first to conquer space; military conquest; being diplomatic and getting other leaders to back you at the United Nations and; through cultural dominance that allows you impose a utopian one-world order.

I’ve managed the latter once so far, and then by accident. It’s a feat I’ve miserably failed to repeat when it it was my deliberate objective.

So Civ is likely to keep me occupied in the coming weeks, so if I do go quiet, that will be the reason why.

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