No Puddings in Sheffield

SteakWhat a beautiful day it has been — blue skies and not a cloud in sight — perfect for a drive over the Pennines to take my daughter home to Sheffield after a weekend chez mum and dad.

The pleasant run ground to halt when we came up against road works at the top of Eccleshall Road and I was studying the windows of the local shops, including the chippie. It was then that my daughter dropped her bombshell — that there are no pudding, chips, peas and gravy to be had in Sheffield.

That’s most certainly an exaggeration as I’m sure that there is a chippie somewhere in the city that there is a provendor of this great Northern meal, it’s just that my daughter hasn’t found one yet. And she is getting withdrawal symptoms.

Anyway, I dropped her off and escaped back to civilisation and I had time to take advantage of the good weather to take this photo of the viaduct at Reddish Vale which carries the Hope Valley train line across the River Tame.

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  • Jennyta 26th October 2010

    You could have called in to Yorkshire Pudding. I’m sure he would have provided a feast!

  • Yorkshire Pudding 26th October 2010

    Mr Parrots – Those roadworks are literally a stone’s throw from my mansion! The meaty “puddings” you alluded to are not common in Yorkshire as they are unhealthy fat and gristle balls packed with cholesterol. We wealthier Yorkshire folk like to treat our bodies as temples. Great photo of the viaduct by the way – yesterday the air was so clear and the colours so bright in piercing autumnal sunshine.
    Has Little Miss Parrots been down to The Castle Market – built above the remains of Sheffield castle? In there, not only would she see poor people but also some wholesome little eateries with meat pies, chips and veg. etc.. I doubt that many university students ever venture there.

    Finally, quote:- “escaped back to civilisation”! – I know you were just winding me up with such a ridiculous remark. Lancashire should be renamed Rooneyland as that young gentleman typifies the Lanacashire character. Please don’t be offended by this response because, though you might deny it, you have Yorkshire in your bones.

  • Mr Parrot 27th October 2010

    Jenny: I’ve heard about the feasts he serves up for his guests — in the underhouse!

    YP: Nothing like a steak and kidney rag pudding to keep out the chill on a cold day. I’m surprised that they aren’t popular in Yorkie land, but then I shouldn’t be. When I worked in Huddersfield, they thought pork pie and mushy peas were a good combination, not to mention Lucozade as a mixer for spirits.


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