Ban the Bob

Having a birthday at the end of October, the party games when I was a youngster tended to have a Halloween theme. One of the most popular was dry-bobbing for apples.

This involved hanging apples from a door lintel by string tied to their stalks. To win the game, you had to take a bite out of one while holding you hands behind you back. And bloody difficult it was too. About the only way to do it was to find a way to pin it to the doorway so it would stay still long enough to take a bite.

Our parents were just hardening us up, of course, ready for the real test that lay ahead when party invitations became a sort of social extraordinary rendition with waterboarding waiting at the other end.

I’m talking about full-on version of bobbing for apples involving a bucket of cold water replacing the Tantalus doorway strings. The winning technique was similar though — dive deep enough to pin the apple to the bottom of the bucket.

This inevitably lead to lots of spluttering and nasal excretions and the sense of achievement when you finally emerged, apple clamped in your mouth, gasping and dripping though you were. If only we had fully realised the extreme risks we were taking.

The MEN reported yesterday that organisers of the annual mass bob in Didsbury have forbidden diving and have given the kids chopsticks to fish out the apples instead. They fear that sharing a bucket of water might spread colds and flu and other infections.

To be fair to Health & Safety, it has nothing to do with them and the public health expert said: “The chances of catching some kind of disease from taking part in an apple bobbing activity seem remote.”

It look like another case of someone who knows nothing about the subject inventing a non-existent danger.

But back to Halloween, we have been preparing for visitors tonight by getting some goodies in, like the Scary Stretch ‘Em Jellies illustrated on the right.

Marks & Spencer you’ll notice, but this is not a needless extravagance. Living on a main road, we don’t get many mini-zombies, witches etc ringing the doorbell, so we might have to eat them ourselves.

Meanwhile, I was looking for a really scary video to include in this post in honour of the day, but nothing scared me half as much as this clip from YouTube, bearing in mind the upcoming elections in the US.

It’s rather long, but you have to laugh or else you’d cry.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 1st November 2010

    Surely this is a satirical spoof. How could someone as ignorant as that achieve so much academic success? Mid you – look at David Cameron!

  • Yorkshire Pudding 1st November 2010

    Mid = Mind

  • Mr Parrot 1st November 2010

    Hard to believe, but it’s absolutely legit as far as I’ve been able to discover.

  • Yorkshire Pudding 1st November 2010

    Oh, and belated Happy Birthday greetings. Reaching sixty must feel like a great achievement!

  • Mr Parrot 2nd November 2010

    Sixty?! I barely go above 35 these days.


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