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It has been a strange day — part happy, part sad, but mostly chaotic. I posted before about darling daughters return from the land of diamonds, townships and the rainbow nation. After just five weeks at home, she is returning there again.

And that’s where the happy and sad part comes in. She felt at home in Cape Town, made many friends from other countries and discovered new fun things to do, like surfing and bungy jumping off high bridges.

Then she came home and to earth with a bump. It wasn’t just the weather, although that didn’t help, it was also the sheer stupidity that riddles this country.

She asked to return to her old job where she’d been for three years previously only to be told that she would have to reapply online, go through a telephone interview before having a face to face interview with the same manager she worked with before. And even when she got the job, she had to sit through a one-day induction course, taken by the same woman as last time for a job she knew inside out.

And they say the public sector is pettifogging, bureaucratic and inflexible.

But while jumping through these various hoops, she was offered a job in South Africa. Nothing special, just working in the hostel where she stayed, but with bed and board and enough money to enjoy herself. And hopefully some spare time for more volunteer teaching.

We’re really happy for her because it is where she wants to be. The sad part is that she will be gone for some time, probably at least a year, and forever in the worst case scenario. The photo above says it all — going back through the airport car park, Mrs P and Master P in the distance and an arrow pointing southwards.

Fingers-crossed, we will be able to scrape enough money together to go out and visit her in the new year, but it will be a mighty strange Christmas with one of the family missing.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 12th November 2010

    What can I say? My heart goes out to you and your wife. I trust that you are on “Skype” as this facility brings the missing one closer. If you do make it to South Africa, remember your flak jackets, body armour and love. It’s a great country and she has wings to fly.

  • Mr Parrot 12th November 2010

    Thanks for those kind thoughts Yorkie. We are in the process of getting Skyped, although we haven’t used it in anger yet!

  • south african shops 6th January 2011

    im fairly new to using this blogging stuff but every day I find more and more great stuff to read its like having an entire library in your living room.

  • biltong 6th January 2011

    As a south african now living in the UK I have to admit the main things that I miss are the food and of course the weather


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