One in the Eye

Our dog Jack is pretty healthy for a rescue dog, but his eyesight is starting to go, early stage cataracts. They also get a little runny, especially in the morning, and the vet usually prescribes eye drops containing a mild antibiotic. We were due to get some, but decided it would be a lot easier to get some human stuff from the chemist.

Easy? Have you tried buying Brolene lately?

Mrs P was the first to run into the medicine police on Sunday at Boots. “is this for you?” she was asked and when you told them honestly that it was for the dog, she was turned down flat.

It was my turn today and lying looked like the best tack to take. I said it was me, that I got a mild eye infection every now and then and that I could feel it coming on, trying to half close my right eyelid.  Then the interrogation started.

Was I sure it was for me? Was I taking any other medication? Did I have any other medical condition? Did I wear contact lenses? I felt like answering yes to the last one and that I was only wearing my glasses to protect them.

I was then given detailed operating instructions. I should only use the drops for a maximum of five days, wash my eyes with cooled, boiled water and remember not to rub my left eye if I’d rubbed the right one first.

And did I have regular check-ups at the optician’s and had he or she noticed a problem? And if it didn’t clear up after the prescribed five days, I should see my GP as a matter of urgency.

I was expecting her to shine a desk light in my eyes next, or that she’d send for the water-boarding equipment, but I stuck to my story and eventually was allowed to leave £4.95 poorer and living proof torturing terror suspects won’t make them talk.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 16th November 2010

    Perhaps they are becoming extra careful because of litigation. Where did Jack rescue you from? A Salvation Army hostel?

  • Mr Parrot 16th November 2010

    Sally Army? Bit upmarket for me!


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