A Walk in the Park

I’m sure you’ll be delighted to hear that I’ve cheered up considerably since yesterday. Whatever I was sickening for seems to have passed, the antibiotics have kicked in and the sun has reappeared.

It was such a nice day that I took my recuperating body to Etherow Country Park which is about a ten minute drive from home and is one of our favourite places. Trees, greenery, water and peace and quiet — it’s hard to believe we owe it to our industrial heritage.

Etherow was one of the first country parks when it opened in 1968. It was originally the site of a cotton mill which is why there is a lake, waterway and weir utilising the power of the River Etherow.Now it is used for sailing, both full-size dinghies and the model variety.

It has also been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest because of its mix of wildlife habitats. Apparently the uncommon water rail has been spotted here, although I can’t say I’ve seen one, or perhaps I have and didn’t realise it.

There are reminders of the industrial past as you walk round the 30 acres, like the gears pictured right used to control the sluice gates between the waterchase on one side and the river on the other.

It was a perfect day for photography and I took full advantage. The idea was that I try to get something natural in deep red and brown hues that we might frame for our newly decorated living room. I’m not sure I managed it, but I quite liked the opening shot above.

Having refreshed myself with a coffee and a ham and cheese toastie at the café, I had to go into Stockport to run a few errands and where I took my last shot of the day.

I was in the car park on my way to the shops at 3:30 and could not have have timed it better to find the sun shining through the concrete pillars on a single, lonely motorbike.

Perhaps I was just feeling at home again in my urban environment after my walk in the park.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 20th November 2010

    Although the car park picture is excellent, I am sorry to say that your camera was a little skew-whiff. To adjust it to a lifelike horizontal, you could try the “Straighten” facility in Picasa. I had never heard of Etherow Park before and now I would like to visit it too.

  • Mr Parrot 22nd November 2010

    I can’t remember the last time I took a ‘straight’ photo. Too boring!


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