Life can be quite exciting, even  in the most mundane tasks. Yesterday I visited the local tip recycling centre and found myself accused of industrial espionage.

It’s all the fault of the new refuse system introduced this month. We now have four wheelie bins to take the detritus of our consumer lives and collected at various weekly, fortnightly and four weekly intervals.

The most frequent collection is the green wheelie bin which is also the largest. It takes our food waste which amount to two or three small biodegradable bagfuls a week.

Plastic, glass, paper and cardboard have their own bins which leaves the black one which is also the smallest. This is expected to take everything else that isn’t recyclable and is collected every fortnight. The problem is, ‘the rest’ accounts for an awful lot of our rubbish and we can fill the black bin within a week without really trying.

The only option then is to visit the tip recycling centre once week to dump the surplus. Using the car to do this probably defeats the object of the exercise, but if the council want to play silly buggers, that’s up to them.

Anyway, that’s why I was at Bredbury yesterday. It used to be a simple rubbish tip with a separate box or two for cardboard, plastics and the like, but it is gradually transforming into a recycling centre on an epic scale, much of it still under construction, and I’ve taken a few photos there over the last few months.

As I did yesterday, except this time I was stopped by one of the bin men recycling operatives who told me “Foto verbotten. Company policy. Industrial espionage.”

Actually, this was for the benefit of the security cameras that he pointed out for me. He had to be seen to be intervening so we had quite a pleasant chat, making sure to keep our expressions stern in case his bosses were watching.

His employer is Viridor, the company that seems to be cornering the market of this recycling mullarky. It is no longer a corporation tip, but big business and since it is my local taxes and rubbish that is making them their money, I take exception to being told  what I can and can’t photograph. Especially when you can see pretty much the view I was snapping on the web.

So it’s publish and be damned as you can see above. And if any of you industrial 007-types find them useful, I can let you have my Paypal details.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 20th November 2010

    Over here in Sheffield the private company who have taken over waste management is called Veolia… I can imagine a Superheroes comic in which Viridor and Veolia, the waste-gobbling monsters battle it out for supremacy, at Snake Pass Summit!
    VEOLIA I am Lord of the Waste! Meet thy doom Impostor!
    VIRIDOR Die son of Whoredom!
    (Final frame:- Both monsters lie spent and dying by the A57 and waste and recycling services are returned to local authority management)
    Well….we are still allowed to daydream, aren’t we?

  • Mr Parrot 22nd November 2010

    Excellent! I can see a cartoon series for kids in this.


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