Moan Down

There’s nothing like a headline-catching survey to grab some publicity that is a lot cheaper than buying ad space. It seems there are several a week and they can only increase in the current financial climate.

Subjects that appeal to our prejudices are the favourites. Today it was a survey that shows we have become a nation of moaning Victor Meldrews. According to the responses from 4,000 people, the average persons moans 1,300 times a year, or eight minutes and 46 seconds a day.

Our most common gripes are how expensive things are, television, the weather, household chores, finances and the government. I suspect the latter is a catch-all since the government is at fault for everything that makes our lives less happy.

I don’t for a moment think that this survey tells us anything new. There is no surprise in being told that we find things most annoying on a Monday, nor that even if we moan, we tend to put up with things and get on with it.

The survey was commissioned by Sensodyne toothpaste and it isn’t immediately obvious to me what their connection to moaning and stating the obvious might be, but checking my watch, I’m owed six minutes and 38 seconds whining time for today, so here goes — Virgin Bloody Media.

We’ve had one of those Virgin+ boxes for some time and it has always given off a deep continuous hum that has become more noticeable since we changed the tv unit a few weeks ago. I decided I wasn’t going to ‘put up with things‘ any more and got an engineer to come and look at it.

It turns out that the annoying hum is caused by the whirring of the hard disk and the contact of the box with the wooden tv unit. Lift the box a fraction and the humming stops. His advice was to cut up one of those thick foam scouring pads and put one under each corner of the box.

This strikes me as a bit of a design fault and I said so. Surely most people put their cable boxes on a wooden shelf? No, he assures me that the majority have glass shelves and these aren’t a problem. I didn’t believe that one for a minute.

But if it is such a simple problem to resolve:

  1. Why don’t they tell the people on the service line so we can try the foam solution first before waiting in all afternoon for an engineer?
  2. Why don’t the engineers come prepared with their own Virgin approved foam pads?
  3. Better still, why don’t they change the design of the boxes so they don’t bloody well hum in the first place?

Moan over. And I still think got over four minutes left.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 23rd November 2010

    Just out of interest what tune does the Virgin+ box actually hum? I’m guessing “Like A Virgin” by Madonna. These words:-

    I was beat incomplete
    I’d been had, I was sad and blue
    But you made me feel
    Yeah, you made me feel
    Shiny and new

    might hold a special resonance for you as you are putting Brillo pads under each corner of the darling box. I always think that kitchen sponges enhance the decor in any room.


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