The Rolling Stones

The Beechams Ultra All in One capsules did the trick and we made it to my niece’s wedding yesterday, albeit there was a powerful menthol whiff of Jakemans Throat and Chest sweets around our pew.

The ceremony went well and the couple looked perfect. There was just the one tricky moment during the signing of the register when my dad choose the lull between organ tunes to state quite loudly, “It still seems queer having a lady vicar,” but I think I covered it with a diplomatic coughing fit.

The interesting bit though was a conversation with my brother-in-law at the reception afterwards.

He thinks he has worked out how the ancients transported the stones for Stonehenge the 200 miles from Wales to Salisbury Plain — they wrapped them in wicker baskets and rolled them there. They could even have used this method to float them across rivers.

Above is one of his illustrations from a Daily Mail article on his theory from 30 November. He had thought about this for some time and has tested his theory with scaled down, but still substantial pieces of rock. They were easy to roll up or down hill and did indeed float, albeit on the canal, rather than an open river.

The story was picked up by the Discovery Channel in Canada and they interviewed him this week which he was pleased about. He hopes the publicity might persuade someone to fund an attempt to move a full-size slab of stone the entire distance to prove it could be done this way.

Any takers?

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 12th December 2010

    An interesting theory… I wonder, did the wicker roll idea come to your brother-in-law as an inspired but rather crazy idea or did it emanate from well-evidenced archaeological precedents?
    What your father perhaps meant to say was: “It still seems queer having a queer lady vicar”. A man after my own heart.

  • Mr Parrot 12th December 2010

    He began by asking himself how they might have moved the stones from Wales given that previous theories are either impractical (wooden rollers) or elaborate (stone ballbearings). It is based in part on precedent. I should have mentioned that wicker structures like these have been found to be strengthening the walls of ancient wells.


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