I’ve been speaking even less sense than usual this week having had a tooth taken out by the dentist that left me with a face half paralysed and what feels like a gaping hole in my palate.

Despite the feeble old joke, the header falls down on all counts. My appointment was at 12:30 and the tooth didn’t hurt at all.

In fact it was quite health, as were my gums, but the roots had detached from the bone making it ever so slightly wobbly. I dare say it would have fallen out on its own if left to its own devices, but someone has to keep these impoverished dentists in drill bits.

I don’t know if it’s the after effects of the Novocaine, but a half-forgotten riddle came to mind. Can you work out the missing number in the sequence? It is more logical than numerical.







_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 16th December 2010

    Yawn! It’s obviously 13112221 – very easy for those us who passed the eleven plus. Regarding the teeth, how about a set of false gnashers? In a South African township, you would surely get them at a fraction of the UK cost and Mrs P would be beguiled by your dazzling new smile.

  • Mr Parrot 17th December 2010

    Well done Mr Pudding! The following line describes the line above. It works better if you use Roman numerals.

    As for false gnashers from South Africa, I don’t think that hippo teeth would suit me.


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