Buy Nothing At All

I had the idea of posting the odd bit of festive music on the run up to Christmas, but I have to admit to distinct feelings of Bah! Humbug at the moment.

This is unusual for me as I have always enjoyed Christmas — the crowds on the high street, the parties, the blessed relief when the shops finally close on 24 December and there is nothing more to buy even if you wanted to, the day itself shared with your nearest and dearest, sharing gifts while carols play, Top Gear Christmas Special on the telly, good food and lots of it, even the jokes in the crackers. But not this year.

I think it’s because the penny has dropped that the country is completely broke and has been for years. Now we can’t afford to give our children a university education to add to being unable to build new hospitals or schools without private finance or provide the elderly with a decent pension. It’s all very depressing.

But worst of all is being told that “we’re all in this together” by millionaire politicians whose idea of belt-tightening is to settle for just the one pheasant instead of the usual brace and letting the servants go to replace them with cheaper migrant labour while the bankers and big businessmen continue to grow fat.

So in a effort to get this out of my system, the first tune on my play list is Buy Nothing At All by Joel Kroeker that I first came across in 2004 on the Buy Nothing Christmas website.

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Our impotent rulers who we voted in

Can’t put their kingdom together again

We’ve been paying through the nose

To serve a king with no clothes

And we wonder who is running this show


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  • Yorkshire Pudding 17th December 2010

    I notice the ConDem Tyrants have given many southern local authorities a lovely Xmas gift – virtually no cuts while needy northern authorities are hammered. Can you recommend any websites for prospective assassins? Regarding Xmas, throughout the millennia English people have had to contend with trials and tribulations – crop failures, deaths of loved ones, land disputes, dilapidated housing. No matter what Joel Kroeker might think, we owe it to ourselves, friends and family to indulge in the hedonistic midwinter festival and say “Sod it! We’re alive! Let’s eat, drink and be merry!”


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