The Way We Were

NHS in 1955

Sometimes I think we moan too easily. The state of the country, the state of society and all the other things we feel we shouldn’t have to put up with, and yet we forget how much things have changed for the better and in a relatively short space of time.

On this day 55 years ago, the BBC transmitted a programme about Salford, more specifically the state of public health and the changes that the NHS was starting to make.

What it couldn’t alter, of course, were the living conditions, the poor housing, the smoke and pollution and the poverty.

I have a copy of that programme that I’ve loaded to my YouTube Channel. It is over 30 minutes long, so I have split it into three parts, the first of which you’ll find below.

If you are interested in social history, the history of the NHS or are have forgotten how things were, I recommend taking a look.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 28th December 2010

    I must say you looked very dapper as you walked along Hankinson Street, eyeing up the women sexily brownstoning their steps. You lecherous dog!
    Your point is very true. In so many ways, life is better than it used to be. Better living conditions, better food choices, better health care and education. We do moan too easily… Surely the video clip would have been better in colour!

  • Mr Parrot 29th December 2010

    I’m sorry, colour hadn’t been invented back then. I’ve a strong suspicion that the girlo carrying the plate back from the chippie might have been a young Hazel Blears.

  • William Gruff 30th December 2010

    The root causes of much of what is wrong with the Welfare State can be discerned in the video but the psychiatrist talking about neurotic illnesses in children of less than one year old was quite chilling. Over all there was a definite sense of nanny knowing best.


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