X is for eXtremist

What a cheat, but I was struggling to think of anything interesting beginning with X. Besides, I needed somewhere to use my photo of this bottle of wine.

The Extremist chenin blanc is from the Western Cape of South Africa and one my wife is quite fond of, although she isn’t keen on the wasp logo, if that is what it is.

We used to use a hairdryer to melt the glue to peel the labels off the wine bottles to save in a notebook, but that was very time-consuming. Much easier to simply photograph them

So, eXtremist it is and this area has had its share over the years.

This sunlit scene does not look particularly extreme, but it represents a most sinister eXtremist. It is a photo of Ashton Market Hall taken from the town hall steps and it is said that it was on those steps that British fascism was born.

It was 30 April 1931 and there was a by-election in Ashton caused by the death of the sitting Labour MP. Contesting the ballot was Allan Young, representing Oswald Mosley’s New Party which had been formed on 1 March that year after Mosley had quit the Labour party.

The Conservative won with a 1,415 majority over Labour and a furious crowd on the market ground shouted down Mosley as he tried to speak after the declaration, calling him a traitor and blaming him for Labour’s defeat.

He is reputed to have said to his aide, John Strachey: “That is the crowd that has prevented anyone doing anything in England since the First World War.” Strachey believed that it was this moment that lead Mosley to form the British Union of Fascists in 1932.

My second group of eXtremists met at The Cotton Tree pub in Newton. It opened in 1830 and took its name from the cotton mills that opened in the area about the same time.

It was a popular meeting place for the local Chartists, named after the charter of their demands for one man, one vote and a secret ballot, among other things.

Over 4,000 people attended one such meeting on 28 July 1839, organised by Joseph Rayner Stephens and other prominent Chartists. After dark, the large crowd met with firearms and banners and was of ‘a most violent and inflammatory character’.

They marched into Hyde via Flowery Field and after much shouting and discharging of firearms, the people dispersed in the early hours of the next morning.

Joseph Rayner Stephens was later arrested, tried and found guilty of inciting a riot. He was sentenced to eighteen months in prison but on his release continued to play a major role in the development of Hyde.

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  • rog 29th December 2010

    Very interesting history. Of course, one person’s extremist is another person’s hero/patriot.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  • Sylvia Kirkwood 29th December 2010

    A very interesting post for the X Day! It is certainly a timely subject considering the amount of extremist activities here in the states — guess we’re not all that different these days! Hope you had a great Christmas, wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!


  • Denise 29th December 2010

    Loved the wine lables – I too an a white wine person – CAVA has been my tipple over the festive period! A great idea for X! Always a challenge, hope to see you for Round 8!
    ABC Team

  • Joy 29th December 2010

    What an interesting label, my wine buying habit always factors in label design. I think if thought has gone into the label its gone into the wine.

  • Yorkshire Pudding 29th December 2010

    Regarding “The Extremist”, I am of course very familiar with this wine from the often unpromising Stellenbosch region. The noteworthiness of this wine is in the way it retains the vitality of the fruit on the palate right to the finish, and a jolly long, mineral finish it is too.
    Regarding “X”, it is the usual rating of websites you visit when not blogging or tracking down pictures of Victorian Manchester.


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