Bring Me Sunshine

I had the misfortune to visit Morrisons on New Year’s Eve. I needed to replace the halogen bulb in our living room lamp that had blown as darkness fell and I swear that the supermarket was busier than at Christmas. Had the ConDems banned shopping in 2011 as part of their economic master plan?

But apart from the crowds was the sight of the Christmas tree at the entrance being packed in its cardboard box for another year. Given that they put the bloody thing up in October, you’d think they’d have the decency to wait until twelfth Night to take it down.

The message was pretty obvious — we’ve had your money, now piss off until next year.

My mood was restored by the Morecambe and Wise Night on BBC2 last night, especially the drama of their early days. Daniel Rigby was uncanny as Eric and the whole production was feelgood.

Those were the days when comics were really funny and didn’t have to offend anyone to be so.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 3rd January 2011

    Yes…I enjoyed the Morecambe and Wise show too and I agree with you that the actor playing Eric was inspired. How different from that crass “Come Fly With Me” by Walliams and Lucas – utter tripe!

  • Mr Parrot 3rd January 2011

    I can’t comment on “Come Fly With Me” as I made a point of not watching it. The trailers were enough for me and I’ve always found Matt Lucas about as funny as toothache.


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