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I was watching the Arsenal and Man City game on the telly last night. It was a pretty dull affair and I was idling my time thinking about the difference between watch a match live at the ground or on the box when it suddenly occurred to me how tv coverage could be improved.

It happened in the first half when Gareth Barry launched a long pass from the middle of the park to the left wing. I assumed he must have seen something I hadn’t and as the camera followed the ball I found I was right because there was not a blue or red shirt in sight.

And that’s the difference between watching on the telly and not in the stand. If I had been at the ground, I would have seen the entire pitch and I would have known if a player had been making a run down the wing. I might well have been on my feet shouting: “Left you dozy sod! Pass it left!”

But you don’t get that peripheral vision on tv. I reckon that you are shown about 20 per cent of the pitch at best, or even less if the producer demands a close up, or the cameraman who runs up and down the line giving us a view of the back of the head of the player taking a throw-in.

So here’s my big copyrighted idea  — give us a channel that shows the same wide-angle you get if you’re sitting in the stand. It would be much more true to life than any of that HD or 3D gimmicky stuff.

I was going to say that for added realism, they could have a couple of wittering know-alls offering their tactical advice that you always find sitting in the seats in front, but they’ve already thought of that with the commentators.

So that’s my idea Mr Murdoch — please note the trademark and make the cheque out to cash.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 6th January 2011

    It would also help if the missus went in the kitchen to warm up a Pukka pie and put some Bovril in a polystyrene cup.

  • Mr Parrot 8th January 2011

    Hand on heart, I can say that I’ve never tried a Pukka pie. They never appealed some how. But Holland’s meat pie I can’t resist, or even a scotch pie from Morrisons.


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