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I’ve had rather a sudden and unexpected personality change. I went to bed last night as a Scorpio and woke up this morning a Virgo which sounds like a transformation of biblical status.

The reason is that some astronomer in America has decided that the signs of the zodiac need an overhaul with the addition of a thirteenth sign.

The argument goes that the twelve we#re familiar with were laid down by the ancient Babylonians and that since then the gravitational pull of the moon has shifted the earth on its axis and created a vacancy in the heavenly constellation department.

The astronomers want to shift all the existing star signs back one month and lever in an extra one to help readjust the astrological calendar. Their preferred choice is Ophiuchus, a large constellation on the celestial equator previously known as Serpentarius.

The name is the Greek for serpent-bearer apparently, although it could be called after the rock band of the same name or the manga character Ophiuchus Shaina. But probably not.

This has really upset the astrological community and the Daily Mail quoted their in-house seer, Jonathan Cainer, saying: “The earth has moved, but astrologers have not for years based their predictions on  the constellations.”

That’s a pretty big admission for someone who makes his living telling us that our futures are written in the stars.

He went on to say: “This is either wilfully ignorant or mischievous and malevolent and shows that the scientific community reacts in a bigoted when faced with mysticism. They’ d be Cancerians then?

Of course, being a typical Scorpio, I don’t believe in any of this horoscope nonsense.

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  • BL@ UK Horoscopes 18th February 2011

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