This is one of the photos I took of our dog Jack to send to our daughter in South Africa to remind her to feel homesick every now and then!

And ourselves that it is 17 days and counting till we join her in Cape Town. We can’t wait to see her or the fabulous country she describes.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 17th January 2011

    An exciting visit in prospect sir. I very much hope you enjoy it. I’d love to visit Robben Island and see the wild flowers on Table Mountain. The steaks in South Africa are “to die for” but please stay safe and remember the flight socks! Not the coolest accessory and a little difficult to pull up but worth every penny. You will feel so proud when your daughter says “Mum. Dad. This is Tatamkhulu – my boyfriend. We’re getting married tomorrow.”

  • Mr Parrot 17th January 2011

    Robben Island and Table Mountain definitely on ther itinerary, even the wild flowers. And the steaks, of course. I’m not sure about splashing out on flight socks though. I thought I’d improvise by knitting some with the red elastic bands that the postman discards.

  • Yorkshire Pudding 17th January 2011

    Well, don’t blame me when the ankles bulge… Also helpful in preventing DVT.


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