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I’ve been working on a WordPress site for a friend and we were running through the first few ideas on the laptop today. We were looking at a few different colour options when it struck me that the colours on the screen weren’t exactly the same as the designs on my PC.

I held up the laptop against the PC screen to confirm this and sure enough, the colours weren’t just a few shades out, but were different hues entirely.  One screen or the other needed recalibrating.

The question was how to do it? My nephew came up with the answer — the Spyder 3, a bit of kit and software that works it all out for you.

It takes account of the ambient lighting conditions, the type of screen (laptop, LCD etc), the existing configuration of monitor and its available control before it goes through a lengthy diagnostic sequence to set them to display the colours as they should be seen. If you leave it plugged in, it will also warn you if the ambient lighting conditions change and adjust the settings accordingly.

All of which isn’t particularly interesting, but I haven’t got to the really high-tech bit yet.

The detector has to sit up close to the screen while the process is going on, looking a bit like the baby Alien stuck to John Hurt’s face, and the thing that keeps it in place while all this high-tech wizardry is going on is — a rubber sucker.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 21st January 2011

    A rubber sucker? I thought that was a South African call girl! Well you might soon find out. (You have my permission to censor this comment if it casts unwelcome moral aspersions on your flawless character)… I was only joking Parrot Ladies!


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