Bright Lights of Stockport

The forthcoming trip to SA has taken over my life, making sure I’ve remembered everything — toothpaste, camera filters, books, clothes, maps, mosquito repellant, maps — the list goes on.

The biggest problem has been finding some shorts. I went into every shop I could think of yesterday, but while there were plenty of t-shirts, it is clearly too early in the year for exposing one’s legs.

Next came to the rescue, or rather their catalogue did. The service is impressive — three pairs of shorts ordered online at 7pm last night, despatched at 4:30am, dropped off with the local agent at 8:30 and delivered to the door by 10:30.

Our suitcases will also be weighed down by supplies requested by darling daughter, including two tinned steak and kidney puddings and two of mushy peas. The thing you miss when far from home.

On top of that, I’ve been trying to finish three websites that I promised to have up and running before we go. This has been made all the harder as none of the words and pictures (ie content) has turned up despite solemn promises and if you’re reading this, you know who you are.

Anyway, I managed to get out for some fresh air today and to practice some more with my new camera, hence the photo above of the Plaza Theatre at dusk.

And to the right is yet another shot of the roundabout in the mall just before it closed. (The roundabout I mean, not the mall, but the way the economy is going, it can’t be long.)

One of these days I might get it right.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 22nd January 2011

    Silly billy! You could have bought good quality shorts in SA for half the price of similar shorts in the UK! Also, at the risk of boring you to death, your list should include flight socks! Resistance is futile. Submit!


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