Ticka Ticka Timex

They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but it can certainly feed your paranoia. I made the mistake of browsing a site for ex-pats in Cape Town that attempted and failed to be reassuring.

It said that the city’s reputation for crime and violence was totally unwarranted, that Cape Town was an idyllic place to live provided the prospective settler takes sensible precautions.

Like buying a house in the right area with perimeter walls at least fifteen feet high, topped with razor wire, surrounding grounds patrolled two, preferably three attack-trained alsatians.

Always lock your door when you go out, and lock it again when you come back in. Don’t keep any valuables lying around and make sure you put your wallet or purse in your safe that must be bedded in concrete.

Sign up with a commercial, armed response security company, the same as your neighbours if you can because they will have a rapid reaction team based nearby in areas where they have lots of customers.

Follow this advice and the Cape is another Eden.

Not that I’m letting this worry me, but it does make you think about crime strategies and I had what I thought was a bright idea in case of a mugging. Instead of wearing my newish watch, I’d dig out an old one that I wouldn’t mind handing over.

That’s it above, a Timex Expedition watch that is at least ten years old. It has been languishing in the bottom of my sock drawer so long that I’d forgotten I even owned it.

But the amazing thing is that the watch was still working and had only lost about a minute in all that time. It was even showing the correct date for goodness sake.

Quite an advert for Timex. Speaking of which, does anyone else remember the “ticka ticka Timex” jingle from decades ago?

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  • Stuart 21st April 2019

    I remember the advert quite , I have recently been trying to find the year of the ad , as yet to no avail.


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