C is for Cape Town

By the time you are reading this, I should be in the air on my way to South Africa so it seemed appropriate that this week’s posting should be C for Cape Town, our eventual destination.

We are visiting South Africa to see our daughter who is living there at the moment, but the primary purpose is a holiday to experience the country and I will be armed with my camera in the hope of getting enough material for a whole round of ABC Wednesday.

But back to the present. Our daughter is living in Observatory (or Obz), named after the South African Astronomical Observatory. Although it was established in 1972, it traces its roots to 1820 when the Royal Observatory founded the first scientific institution at the Cape of Good Hope.

Obz as it is known is also very much a student area, being close to the university, and also nearby is the Rhodes Memorial on Devil’s Peak. It commemorates the life of of Cecil John Rhodes with whom I share my surname.

We will be staying at Carmichael House in Rosebank, a guest house on the slopes of Devil’s Peak and ten minutes from Newlands Cricket Ground — our daughter has already booked tickets for a Twenty20 match and hopefully we will get to watch others.

There are lots of other things we plan to do and see. Cape Aghulas, the southern most point of Africa where the Atlantic meets the Indian Ocean. The beautiful Garden Route, including Mossel Bay where Bartholomew Dias threw anchor in 1488. The wildlife, especially the penguins and whales. And not forgetting the sunset seen from Table Mountain.

Exciting days ahead!

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  • Carola 2nd February 2011

    I thought about Cape Town while I choused my ABC post. We really enjoyed our travel there. It is a special town, with this beautiful surrounding.

  • Roger Green 2nd February 2011

    Enjoy your visit!

    I’ve never been anywhere in Africa and feel that I ought to.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  • Yorkshire Pudding 2nd February 2011

    Sounds like you have done your research – always helpful in maximising your holiday time. I hope you have a really lovely trip and take some great photos with your new camera. I guess I will be viewing them in Thailand. How small this world has become since we were lads.

  • Joy 2nd February 2011

    I believe it is a beautiful place, perfect for watching cricket. Sounds like you are fully armed with facts and camera, have fun.

  • Mr Parrot 5th February 2011

    Thanks everyone. We’re pretty much settled in now and loving every minute.


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