World Upside Down

The last episode of Top Gear before we left for Cape Town featured the team up against their Aussie counterparts in a Top Gear Test Match.

Jezza, James and the Hamster used the upside downness of their antipodean colleagues to cheat mercilessly. Like when they had the “two cars bolted on top of each other race” where the downstairs driver controls the pedals and gears while the one upstairs steers. The Aussie navigator had his job made all the harder by also being upside down.

Just a harmless bit of fun, or so I thought, but it’s true, things are topsy turvy in the southern hemisphere.

I’d expected the water to swirl down the plughole anti-clockwise (which it doesn’t) but what I hadn’t considered was that the sun would start playing silly buggers. Which is surprising since knowing where the sun is going to be when you plan to take photos is a basic consideration and the sun isn’t being considerate.

It still rises in the east and sets in the west, but the sun is in the north, not the south, so it moves right to left and not the other way round as I’m used to.

This must have confused the hell out of the first explorers to cross the equator.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 5th February 2011

    Dear Cecil,
    Have you eaten a “bunny chow” yet? If you don’t know what they are ask some random black dude. Don’t worry, it’s nothing sexual!
    Four more days and I’ll be bound for South Aust… I mean, Thailand.


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