Buying Time

The problem with travelling all this way for a holiday is that you want to be busy, busy, busy, making sure we get to see and do everything we planned.

Take today, I was up, showered and breakfasted by nine and then we were off for a climb up to the Rhodes Memorial at the base of Devil’s Peak, not far from where we’re staying.

It is quite a monument, but it is the words from Kipling’s obituary poem carved into the marble that impress the most. As he said, they were written so that “those who go up to the memorial may come down from the mountain with perhaps more strength and belief. That is what mountains and memorials are for.”

But then it was back down again and off to collect our daughter before heading to Kirstenbosch Gardens where I took the photo above. We were there for one of their Sunday Sunset Concerts and though the bands weren’t brilliant, the picnic and the venue more than made up for it.

Now we’re back at our guest house packing for a week away in the Garden Route with our daughter as our guide.

I hope to be able to keep blogging while we’re away, but that depends on internet access. Most places have it, but the oddest thing is then having to pay for the megabytes you use.

This has thrown me, being used to having the web on tap — it’s liking switching from corporation pop to Evian and wondering how much you can afford to drink, although I’ve only managed to use up about 20 per cent of my R250 worth so far.

Anyway, all being well, I’ll be online again tomorrow somewhere up the coast.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 8th February 2011

    I bet that when you were a lad you would often say to girls, “Fancy coming back to my place to have a look at the Rhodes memorial?” This tactic obviously worked as in the end you ensnared Mrs P and sired offspring. Keep filling the days with everlasting memories.


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